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Dubai Fountain Show Lake Ride From Ras Al Khaimah

AED 100.00AED 1,155.00

This unique 30-minute Abra ride gives you the ultimate chance to enjoy one of Downtown Dubai’s centerpiece attractions, the Dubai Fountain.

The Dubai Fountain is located very next to Burj Khalifa and just outside of the Dubai Mall. Designed by the world-renowned WET Design, it is famed for its distinct and largest-of-its-kind choreographed fountain show, which is intricately entwined with jaw-dropping water, light, and music features. In fact, it’s a must experience for any visitor traveling to Dubai.

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During this water show, the high-powered spritzers – nestled in the sprawling 30-acre Burj Lake –propel more than 20000 gallons of perfectly timed and mesmerizingly choreographed streams of water, in tune to the rhythm of whichever contemporary or timeless song played in the background. It reaches up to a massive height of up to 500 feet, which is equivalent to a 45-story building. More than 6500 WET super lights and about 25 color projectors are used to illuminate this visual delight.

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