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The Green Planet Dubai

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The Green Planet Dubai is the region’s first bio-dome that recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The enclosed ecosystem, located at City Walk, offers visitors an immersive expedition into the tropics.

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Designed down to the minutest detail with absolute real-like rainforest features, a visit to Green Planet would apparently give you a feel of exploring an authentic tropical forest. The major draw is a massive 25-meter-high artificial Kapok style tree that stands tall and widespread within the facility. Made up of vines and figs, it’s the largest of its kind in the world and acts as a life-sustaining tree, sheltering many exotic plant, animal, and bird species. A scintillating waterfall attached to the tree adds to the charm, besides filling the air with cool mist.

Things to Explore at The Green Planet Dubai

  • Snorkel with the Piranhas at The Green Planet – A unique Snorkeling with Piranhas experience at the magical tropical biodome including Full day admission.
  • Thunderstorm at The Green Planet – Normally getting caught in the rain is rare in Dubai, however guests can close their eyes and transport themselves to the depths of the tropics and experience a daily thunderstorm.
  • Picnic Brunch at The Green Planet Café – Looking for a kid-friendly brunch for the weekend? Look no further, because The Green Planet Dubai is set to relaunch for the winter season our popular brunch experience that is bound to keep everyone in the family entertained…with a few new twists!
  • Zookeeper for the Day – Do you dream of being a zookeeper? Here’s the ticket to making your dreams come true. Dubai’s most exclusive indoor bio-dome invites all animal lovers adults and kids alike to become “Zookeeper” for a day and to experience an adventure of a lifetime!
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