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Miracle Garden Dubai

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Come aboard, we’ll take on a delightful trip to the most beautiful garden in the world – the Dubai Miracle Garden. The largest natural flower garden in the world deserves your visit, especially when it boasts of over 45 million flowers in the world across various different species. Arranged in unbelievably beautiful shapes, designs and themes; the flower garden is a sensory delight to your senses. A world free of worries and only natural scent; Miracle garden is your answer man’s amazing creativity.

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Almost like a stunning riot of colors all over, the Miracle Garden has different tiers and levels adorned with flowers brought from all over the world and grown in the desert land of Dubai. From heart shaped flowers for the romantics to the vertical and horizontal landscaped designs that are a treat to eyes; Miracle garden doesn’t cease to surprise in every step. Rayna tours makes an exquisite trip to this beautiful fairyland comfortably and luxuriously possible for all our esteemed guests.

Why Should I go for This?

  • It gives you the chance to see the world’s largest natural flower garden.
  • Relish over 45 million flowers in this colossal 72000-square-meter garden.
  • See a wide spectrum of plants and flowers arranged in a variety of themes, shapes, designs etc.
  • Stroll under a canopy of colorful umbrellas.
  • Facilities include many dining outlets, shaded areas and themed sections with pools and fountains.
  • Being Miracle Garden a seasonal attraction open only from November to May, you can expect to see a distinct array of floral attraction on your every visit here.
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