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Camel Trekking Race With Transfer Sharing package

AED 400.00

The ultimate destination for those looking to learn a little bit more about the UAE culture. Witness the most spectacular and exciting Camel Race in Dubai and get a chance to ride, feed camels, sand karting & and ride a camel carriage. Visit the heritage tent and indulge yourself with mouth-watering camel milk, ice-creams, and even a camel burger.

Total: 400

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Book your slots ahead of time and arrive early on the race day and secure seats. If you are early enough, you will get a chance to take pictures and interact with the camels. Enjoy a camel carriage ride and sand carting or a dune buggy ride. Unlike horse races, where everyone comes dressed to impress, camel races are casual. Watching camel races is a way to experience the heritage and culture of Dubai. Watch a fantastic camel racing show with your family, friends, and loved ones which is the highlight of this trip!

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